Sunday, 3 October 2010

Namsan Hanok Village

Chungmuro Station, Lines 3 & 4, Exit 3

Last Thursday, i headed for the Namsangol Hanok Village.

As i have found out from the kind-hearted people at M-Plaza, Chuseok is a big affair here, but that does not mean all attractions are closed for the PH. In fact, most palaces are opened and they even give you FREE admission into the palaces just because it is a special day.

This will never happen in Singapore, because  in Singapore, the opposite happens. When it's PH, everything will just get more expensive!

As per my earlier update, Changgyeonggung was one of them.

Namsangol Hanok Village not only has free admission, they also provide free food (traditional rice cakes) as well as free handicrafts.

I didn't expect a big crowd cause usually, in Singapore, people tend to like staying home to "jade-away".... but the situation is vastly different here.

Once i exit the train station - WHOA! PEOPLE and more people!

There was a PH atmosphere and even though i was there alone, the festive fever hit my head the moment i entered... There was dance and performance, people showcasing the folk-style lifestyle... where they used cane and straws to construct their everyday neccessities like clothes, shoes, bed, pots, bags etc etc

And there is more to it than those... 
The village is really like a little world of its own with its very own huge park and "spring"... they have so much open spaces that families just bring their mat along for a pinic! 

This is one of my favourite and self-proclaimed "best-shot"...

Luckily i did not intend to go there to do handicraft... They are meant for CHILDREN! DUH!

I have been asking random "kind-looking" people to help me take pictures of myself and one of them actually offered me a corn.

 Just as i thanked them and walked away, this little girl just came up to me and gave me this corn you see on the right-hand corner....So sweet right? So, i really believe angels are with me, everywhere i go....

This marks the end of the Chuseok Holidays for me.

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