Friday, 15 October 2010

Nami-Som (Nami Island)

Cheongnyangni Subway Station, Line 1 >> transit to Gapyeong Station (60 mins) >> Cab ride (5 mins) >> Ferry Transfer (5mins)

Total Estimated Time: 1.5 hrs (inc of waiting)

So our 2nd field trip was to Nami Island - aka Nami-som.

Nami-som is the place where Winter Sonata was filmed. Thanks to the sleep monster in me, I overslept and the school bus departed without me. :(

I can still remember how shock I was when I answered the phone and heard my teacher's voice on the other line asking if I was on my way to school. (FYI, I stay a good 1+ hour away from school!)

SO... I was forced to go to Nami-som on my own...

At first, I abandoned the idea of going to Nami-som as I was just too tired (it was the day after our last exam.. and, I really studied VERY hard, extermely K.Oed, though this is not an excuse!)

Taking it positively, since going places on my own was no longer foreign to me, I decided to check up the internet for directions to Nami-som... trip-advisor was the first weblink to pop-up and the instructions seemed pretty reliable, so I got ready and set-off...


First, you need to take the subway to Cheongyangi station... from there you "were" suppose to take the KTX express train (1.5 hrs) to Gapyeong Station...

(But due to the fast-paced construction of Korea's subway system, you can now simply take another subway train (about 45-60 mins) directly to Gapyeong Station from Cheongnyangi station, meaning you transit within the station)

Note: There is a difference between KTX Express Train & Subway. (I preferred the experience on KTX as I got to see alot more scenery as compared to the subway where most of the journey was underground. But I don't think the KTX route is available now)

This is a shot of the KTX Express Train.
 The interior of the train.

Not the best scenery shot, but that's about the best I got.

Get off at Gapyeong station.
From the Gapyeong station, take a cab (5 mins) to the port where you can 
take a ferry (less than 5 mins) to Nami-som!

Shot from Taxi

Upon reaching the port, just queue to buy the ferry ticket and there you have it. 
You are on your way to Nami Island.

 This is the view of the sea from the ferry... not fantastic, but only less than 5 mins... so it's ok.

Welcome to Nami Island!

Nami-som is not only popular amongst tourist,but also locals. Many korean families go there are a family pinic...Not to mention, couples alsolove going there on dates.... it is a very serene and peaceful venue to spend quality time with your loved ones... and schools also bring their elementary students there as a field trip... (like us- we tend to spoil the atmosphere for dates due to the heavy-duty noise pollution that we contribute by playing team-bonding games! hahah)

And also, you can see celebrities from Winter Sonata when you are there.. just that they come in stone statues and pictures! HA!

Since the suicide of Park Yongha, the supporting actor in Winter Sonata, there are lots of momentos and "love-notes" created and planted there in rememberance of Yongha...

This island is like a huge park where you can rent bikes and ride around or just chill-out on the grass (in a good weather)... If you walk about randomly, you will enjoy the tranquilty of mountain cum river-viewing... very nice!

These are almost the last of the autumn leaves I could have spotted there... 

Honestly, I did not spend enough time in Nami-som, so I promised myself to go back again in winter! 

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