Friday, 15 October 2010

Insadong 인사동

Anguk Station, Line 3, Exit 1 & 6
Jongno 3-ga Station, Line 1, Exit 4 &5

One look at the streets of Insadong, and you will know it is a "tourist" place... Almost all the shops are selling souvenirs, art-craft and traditional items.

 Of course, Koreans do come here too, but i believe the price quoted by the shop keepers are different. So your best bet is to bring a Korean friend along or pretend to be Korean! HAHA

I guess, this place also exhibits a more arty side and as many other popular streets, they also do sell fashion accessories, shoes and bags... Just that they are more well-known for their antiques, souvenirs and traditional stuff....

Along the streets of Insadong, you are likely to spot a building out of nowhere called Ssamziegil... This building is almost like a "stairless" building cos the architectural design is such that the pathway winds up to the next level and because the gradient is ever so slight... you almost don't feel the slope... You may seem like you are walking back to the same spot, and yet that spot presents a different shop!

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