Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hi-Seoul Festival Closing Ceremony with Fireworks!

Deoksugung & Seoul Museum of History

So my fabulous Taiwanese friends have made plans for a full afternoon of activities followed by the viewing of the closing ceremony of HiSeoul Festival @ Hangang.

First, we headed to Deoksugung at Gwanhwamun area and roamed about in the vicinity including the Seoul Museum of History.

 There are always guard-changing ceremonies in palaces. (Or at least it seems like it)
I particularly like this palace cos it's in the middle of town, but it's a really small Palace with a Museum inside. 
Go only if you have limited time.
(I'd still suggest going to Gyeongbokgung for a better Palace experience.

 Love the horses - and i saw them up close and personal! YAY!

Weird to see ancient dresscodes mixed with modern ones.
It's pretty comical. And the guards are crossing the road!


Upon entering the palace, you will see this modern museum.They exhibit art paintings from all over the world.
Exhibitions are seasonal.

After that we headed for the highlight of the day!

Fireworks @ Hangang!

Imagine the big hoo-ha in Singapore when we have a firework-display lasting 3 minutes.

THEN imagine that duration multipled by 40times! 2 FULL hours....

There was serious human jam whilst making our way there. 
The train was packed with people, it's almost nose-to-nose.

It was like a mass gathering. Families, friends, couples all spread their pinic mats at any possible open grass spot. 

So full that i couldn't see the grass anymore.

63 building 육삼 빌딩

Then the host came up and the fireworks started. I expected it to stop but it just went on and on and on and my camera was working so hard that it went out of battery before the end of the show.

The whole time, we were just watching the fireworks and enjoying the ambience... it was awesome!

An unforgettable memory!

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