Monday, 4 October 2010

Hangang Park 한강공원

Dangsan Station, Lines 2 

Accessible via many subway stops as well.

It all started  because i fell asleep on the subway  -  i exceeded my usual stop and ended up having to get off 2 stops from my supposed-stop.

When i woke up (finally) i was a little lost cause i dont remember seeing scenery outside the train window; I usually get off the train while i am still in the tunnel so i knew that i had exceeded my destination.

Funny thing is, the scenery outside the window was really nice! Then i realised it was a part of Hangang.

So, the adventurer in me appeared and i got off at the next stop - Dangsan, destination in mind - "Hangang"

Like i said before, how can things always just "happen" to be... somehow, I know God is watching me....

The moment i exit from the station, there was a bicycle rental kiosk, so i got a bike and went scooting around.

Stumbled into some martial art public display...

Amazing right? Looks like a nice venue to date!

The clouds where unbelievebly beautiful - just like cotton candies in the sky!
The more i explored on my own, the more i appreciate this time i have here... 
 It's hard to describe that sense of freedom....

Lo and behold - upon getting home, I even got to eat home-made Bibimbap prepared by my housemate. 

I feel blessed! Very blessed!

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