Sunday, 12 September 2010

The first visit to the laundry room 빠래방

Feel like a "mountain tortise", but it is my first time to the Laundrette.... I found this laundrette via the M Plaza Cultural Centre... they are so cool right?

And i actually had a sense of satifaction when i "recce-ed" the place the rainy night before.... after i left Myeongdong!

Just had to go and check it out to get a peace of mind! Way to go mel!

Front view of shop... 24 hrs!

So first, you change your notes into coins (machine on the right)... usually 3000 won for small scale washing machine + 500 won for soap powder (machine on the left...unless you bring your own)...
Start washing.... about 40 mins... Afterwhich, you throw them into the dryer.... another 40 mins... Dont ask me what i did in that 1 hr 20 mins.... i think we just stoned !
This is my housemate and i at like 1am ... at the laundrette!

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