Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Naksan Park at Hyewah Sybway Station

Hyehwa Subway Station, Line 4, Exit 2

I headed for Naksan Park on the past Saturday - it is one of my "to-go" places marked on my self-tour book because it seems like a tranquil venue to spend quality time alone.

Apart form that, it seems like an ideal venue for dates and family outings as well (since I spotted alot of couples and families there). The best part is, it is not overly commercialised, so you really get to hang out at areas where locals date and chill out.
The weather was fine and I had initially wanted to go to Seoul Seonggwak but since I only managed to leave the house at slightly after 4pm (after my laundry)... Naksan was where I decided to go instead, and it was absolutely perfect as I managed to catch the sun set!

Although the book states a 10min walk from Hyehwa Station, I took close to 20 mins (I'm kindof an idiot when it comes to map-reading...)

So like what I always do and have been accustomed to doing now - I ask for directions... I asked a total of 3 "sets of people.. The 2nd set of people I asked were waiters from a random restaurant called "Beer Castle" and they are so, very good-looking! (I just had to pen this down didn't I?) For the good looks + helpfulness, I think I shall promote Beer Castle here. It is located at Hyehwa Station, exit 2, walk inbetween the streets all the way to the end, and that will be the restaurant I am talking about.

Here is the picture of the crowded street which you need to make your way through to arrive at "Beer Castle" (which is part of the route to Naksan Park). Squint and you will see "Beer Castle"!

Anyways, upon hitting the end of the street, turn left and there will be a playground with a signage to say "Naksan Park". Just follow the arrow and walk straight up along the residential slopes.

As I was walk pass the residential slope... the sun was going to set and the reflection of the lighting in the residential alley was a sight to remember...

Just for the record, no artificial photo-shopping was used in this photo.

I would very much prefer to take my time to walk up the slope and enjoy the ambience, I had to hurry along in order to catch the setting sun.

Mental Note: I will defnitely go back for a round 2!

You will spot this wooden stairway leading towards an unseen destination. Just keep the faith and climb it.

Then you will come to the top where you will spot a fortress looking wall (Correction, that IS actually a fortress) - welcome to Naksan Park!

First there was a great sense of satisfaction getting the on my own...
Second, I just can't seem to stop taking photos of the surrounding... and there are "sub-parks" within the park and stationery exercise machines for people to exercise and families to hang out...

I soon realised this was part of that fortress I had intended to go to initially, just that this was at a different segment of that fortress.

There is a sense of serenity being there... perhaps the feeling of being on top of the world?

The sun set was captivating... but since I am no professional photographer, these shots are my best shots.

To be more exact, I did not even think of taking photos of the sun seting- it was only when I saw the couples around me fumbling and rushing around to take pictures that I started to "Kay Poh!" hahaha... Needless to say, a "kiasu" Singaporean will always be a "kiasu"!

Couples were spotted sitting on top of the fortress wall (they climbed up, brought food, cameras and just hung out...). Nope, I wasn't envious, I just felt a sense of warmth as I watched these lovey-dovey couples.

Also, something I observed in dating couples... they like having matching things. Either matching shirts, or shoes or something. And there is just something about the way they talk to each other, tease each other and touch each other's face... is really kinda sweet, with a tinge of "mushiness"... So romantic... makes me want to enter courtship days all over again!

I have to prove I was there right? hahaha (Me and pepero)

As the night fell, I made my way down from the top and past these streets... Rustic and pretty... You probably don't find such streets in organized little Singapore!

This is certianly a classic! It's PANG PANG's brothers and sisters! I should have to buy the two piglets home to give the one at home a complete family!

With this, I shall end my Naksan Park solo-date!

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