Friday, 10 September 2010

M Plaza Helpdesk, Myeongdong, 명동

Myeong-dong Subway Station, Line 4 or
Euljiro 3-ga Subway Station, Line 2

The first thing that any tourist to Seoul should do (especially if they are traveling alone) would be to head to Myeong-dong, M-Plaza.

It is the place where I got all the information I need... from random things like where to find a gym closest to home (yes, I enquired about that) to directions to other suburbs area.

There are:
- Maps of all sorts, for touring Seoul and for touring outside Seoul
- Free Hanbok photo-taking
- Free Arts & Craft Lessons (you can check the schedule on-the-spot)
- Friendly Customer Service Officers (Japanese-Speaking, Mandarin-Speaking, English Speaking)

Just super cool!

I selected this book called: SEOUL BEST 100 PLACES to go.

From there, I bookemarked the places that interest me and there you have it - an organised directory for touring by myself!


The directions here are quite straight forward.

You head to Myeong-dong (see the above Subway listing). I cant recall the which exit, but upon exit, you should be able to spot an area which is bustling with live, people, music, shops etc. 

That would be Myeong-dong. The street would look like this.

Warning: Shops are "replicated" everywhere!
Turn right and you see Missha, Etude House and Skin Food
Turn left and you see theEXACT same thing!

And best thing is, the "street hawkers" and wheel cart shops by the pathway all sell the SAME thing!
Tell me not to get lost!

Look out for a big building called M Plaza (should be indicated on the Myeong-dong map) if you do get lost.

This is a shot of M Plaza, ZARA would be a good "marker" for the building.

Enter the building and take the lift to 4th floor and there you will see the Helpdesk I am talking about.

 It's called Seoul Centre. And you can ask about anything you like.

Here are just some random shots of me attending a Handicraft workshop.

 It was a great way to spend my Friday afternoon!

Anyway, after all that activity, I just wanted dinner.

Sad thing is I was being rejected by 2 other restaurants prior to finding this restaurant as they did not want to take in "table for 1"!!!

Can't describe how I felt when I finally had this bowl of bibimbap in front of me... There was some sense of "sadness" and at the same time joy...

Just as it looks - this was YUMMY! but it did cost 6000won... sooo it had better be!

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