Thursday, 16 September 2010

1st day at school

13th September was my first day at school (the day i really look forward to because this is what i am here for!) To some extent, i was kinda disappointed because i took more than 2 hours commuting to and fro school but the "orientation" lasted only for 1 hour. It was not completely uninteresting (in my perspective, i don't know about others.) because i found some humour in it...

So the teacher entered the classroom and she spoke only Korean. At level 1B, although i know some basic words and phrases i had difficulty understanding it. I believe same goes for the rest of the class. So, the teacher used some actions (imagine a bit of charades) as she spoke- Instantly felt like i am in primary 1...

Then, was a set of rules and regulations. Apart from the basic things like don't come late, must hand in homework etc. there are also rules about:
- no yawning (i guess, you can, just don't be obvious!),
- no sleeping,
- no eating...

The funny part is
- don't dig your nose,
- don't fart,
- don't scratch your armpits... blar blar...

Along with it came a set of photos screened on the projector... Of real people farting... (they drew the fart), digging their noses and scratching their armpits...

I thought it was funny, but since the class was not spontaneous... i just gave a poker face... when i got home and shared this story with my housemate and we were laughing our ass off!

It is like - sorry, i am not in primary 1, i am in kindergarten.... Either they treat us as kids, OR they probably had past experiences like that! It was silly!

Anyhows, i did try to make friends, but in my class of 15 heads, 6 are from China, 7 from Japan, 1 from Singapore and 1 from Thailand... The Chinese seems like they very much have their own cliques and so does the Japanese... i managed to make 1 friend in that 1 hour... and by now, i have only 3 friends in class (sobs....)

Despite, i think I am indeed getting used to just hanging out on my own (actually, back in Singapore, i like doing that too, guess that's why it's not a problem for me... alone is not equal lonely...)

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