Sunday, 10 July 2005

You & Me

Only when I sleep, am I awake.
Only when I dream do I live
I think of you till the dawn breaks.
Even if you are not someone I need.

In my heart, I draw you near to me.
In my head, I push you away.
Late at night, I feel you close to me.
Yet I am like a thief by the day.

You are a reality, yet a dream
Existent in my world yet nowhere to be seen
A lover, yet betrayer,
Loyal, faith-breaker…

What you have, you have given away,
What is left would be mine to take
I cannot submit to this fate.
I cannot accept being second best.

My mind….
Slapped dead to emotional woes.
Would I be better off?
If I was on my own.

The possibilities, driven with impossibilities
The dreams mixed with realities,
What is seen and yet unseen
How long will it be before I break free?

Come to me,
Leave me…

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