Thursday, 31 March 2005

The Cruelest Thing

Flashes in the sky...
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Love…. I cannot describe the joy it brings to me…
Love…. I cannot understand the pain that comes along in it.
Where do they come from, when do they start?
Where do they go forth, when they can’t be stopped?

A feeling, where hope is received initially,
When faith comes without seeing…
A feeling, which holds the possibilities of being deceived ultimately,
And pain starts to devour me ever-hungrily.

He should never have said the words he said,
If they meant something at first,
But attained nothing in the end

He should never have acted as though he cared,
If he cannot be responsible for the actions he take.
Nor bear the consequence of what he gave.

She should never be taken in, when she already doesn’t have enough faith.
If she could live her life this way before he came,
She could do it again after he has left.

She should never trust in the word “feelings”,
Because when it strikes, one either jumps to life,
Or left, for dead

If feelings cannot be stopped,
Should you let it go on?
If love cannot be controlled,
Should you let it get out of hand?

Maybe I should stop holding on aimlessly,
Because your pursuit was never meant for me.
Maybe to let you go, will serve its purpose in me being freed.
Well, then it should be, that I kill the passion I have for you, in me…

Because the cruelest thing a man can do,
Is to cause a woman to fall in love,
And not be there to catch her when she falls…

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