Tuesday, 2 August 2005


I want to run, Out of sight,
Yet here I stay, In your delight...

Runaway from you,
To somewhere you cannot see
Runaway from me,
No more hopes to keep...

Even if I trip and fall,
Run from dusk to dawn
Even if there's no more strength to carry on...

Run away from hopeless faith,
Run away from joyful pain.
Run away from self-less gains,
Run away, just run....

I want to run, Out of sight,
Gone from desires, gone from light...

Sunday, 10 July 2005

You & Me

Only when I sleep, am I awake.
Only when I dream do I live
I think of you till the dawn breaks.
Even if you are not someone I need.

In my heart, I draw you near to me.
In my head, I push you away.
Late at night, I feel you close to me.
Yet I am like a thief by the day.

You are a reality, yet a dream
Existent in my world yet nowhere to be seen
A lover, yet betrayer,
Loyal, faith-breaker…

What you have, you have given away,
What is left would be mine to take
I cannot submit to this fate.
I cannot accept being second best.

My mind….
Slapped dead to emotional woes.
Would I be better off?
If I was on my own.

The possibilities, driven with impossibilities
The dreams mixed with realities,
What is seen and yet unseen
How long will it be before I break free?

Come to me,
Leave me…

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Heaven's Light

In the light, you can see my smile...
In the night... I search for my ray of light...
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One man's meat is another man's poison.
And sometimes, no matter how "attractive" and delicious-looking the meat is...
Men would only be interested in looking at it, admiring it...
They wouldn't think about eating it....

Just like dreams...
Sometimes, people would rather dream about their dreams without trying to realise them in fear of disappointment.
And some want their dreams to become a reality.
Not everyone sees their dreams come true in the same way...
What about you?

Thursday, 31 March 2005

The Cruelest Thing

Flashes in the sky...
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Love…. I cannot describe the joy it brings to me…
Love…. I cannot understand the pain that comes along in it.
Where do they come from, when do they start?
Where do they go forth, when they can’t be stopped?

A feeling, where hope is received initially,
When faith comes without seeing…
A feeling, which holds the possibilities of being deceived ultimately,
And pain starts to devour me ever-hungrily.

He should never have said the words he said,
If they meant something at first,
But attained nothing in the end

He should never have acted as though he cared,
If he cannot be responsible for the actions he take.
Nor bear the consequence of what he gave.

She should never be taken in, when she already doesn’t have enough faith.
If she could live her life this way before he came,
She could do it again after he has left.

She should never trust in the word “feelings”,
Because when it strikes, one either jumps to life,
Or left, for dead

If feelings cannot be stopped,
Should you let it go on?
If love cannot be controlled,
Should you let it get out of hand?

Maybe I should stop holding on aimlessly,
Because your pursuit was never meant for me.
Maybe to let you go, will serve its purpose in me being freed.
Well, then it should be, that I kill the passion I have for you, in me…

Because the cruelest thing a man can do,
Is to cause a woman to fall in love,
And not be there to catch her when she falls…

Thursday, 3 February 2005


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Sometimes, everyone seems to know themselves, but do they?
How often do we reflect and look at ourselves?

"When someone sees the same people everyday, they wind up becoming a part of that person's life. And then they want the person to change. If someone isn't what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lifes, but none about his/ her own"

How true... Everyone has 2 sides... It's whether you see it, or you don't. Even in yourself...

Tuesday, 25 January 2005


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Here I am... On my own...
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I could runaway, with you, just as long as you are here with me
To a land so far away, even if there is a fear lying beneath…
I could runaway, with you, if you would hold my hand,
But I know you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t take this chance for a friend.

Would you hear my beating heart, hear it clear?
Can you hear, its acceleration, can you hear?
A loud “thump” sending a shiver down, it’s a fear,
A fear that I might fall back to where I returned from, so far, yet so near…

I could listen, listen to what you have to say,
Hearing from you is such a pleasure, you probably wouldn’t understand.
I could listen, listen to your heart and the soul within,
I want to hear every beat, even if I’m not a part of it…

Only for a moment, perhaps for a while…
I can indulge in the happiness of a true smile…
But it dissolves the moment it is brought forth.
For the moment it arrives, and snap! It’s gone.

The present has indeed turned into memories - what my future could not bring,
I shall let you go, if you should choose to leave,
Your pursuit for freedom has held me captive,
A captive for you, I have gladly chosen to be….

I could runaway, with you, even if you are not here with me
To a land so far away, where you could be free
I could runaway, with you, even without your hand in mine,
Because I know nothing matters, it's what I feel inside
_______________Written on 23rd January 2005, Sunday