Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Morning Light

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“Sound the alarms and ring the bells!”
It’s time to wake to up…now, wake with a smile…
The curtains - drawn wide open - see the rays?
With every sunset, the sun will rise again.

Forlorn nights have multiplied, far too many times,
Gone were the days of bliss and delight…
A defeated spirit has lost its fight,
Deep abrasions has debilitated its mind

Dwell no more… in the shadows of yesterday…
Where sorrows are drowned by intemperate ways…
Melancholic thoughts will never change a past fact,
What a wreck made, plunging down to desolate.

What good would it be to abide in faithlessness?
And grant admission for the spirit of fear to enter.
How pathetic to allow misery a vicinity to inhabit?
Why succumb to what’s fallen short of splendor and light?

A sane soul, drunk by emotional woes….
A simple mind, complicated by doleful whines.
An innocent heart, deceived by umpteen lies…
These shall never hurt- not now, not another time.

When the morning comes, tears – wiped dry,
Face the sun, and stand up high…
Step away from illusions’ ploy,
Bring not mirth to lucifer’s pride.

Gone they shall be, the day will come…
Finally I will overcome…

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