Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Voice of my Heart

It breaks my heart thinking of you as someone I have grown so close to
When I have confided in you, so sincerely, and so true.
I’ve allowed myself to trust in you, and of course, to believe you,
And now, I’m hurt from these, yet I cannot bring myself to tell you.

Faith should come from within, when I do not see that something, yet believe,
Yet when I say I have faith, my heart seems to doubt what I say.
What’s that strength pulling me back in my head?
Mind over matter – I could hear it say.

Right from the start I have followed my mind; it was all that really mattered,
But could I be missing out to trust my heart in love matters?
When everything I had felt for someone special gets ruined,
I can only blame myself because I ruled out possibilities - in case I suffered

Then what exactly is love considered? If I dare not face it, let alone admit.
When a situation like this occurs, it’s because I’ve been living in self-deceit.
I’m often looked upon as someone strongly independent, sometimes, even heartless,
But I wish I could break down like anyone else and tell them “I feel so helpless”.

In everyway I portray to be stronger, yet in the same way I know I am just weaker.
Cannot turn away and behave normal, because I know I am so deeply affected
My refusal to give stops what I am able to receive,
Or could it be that my receipt has blinded me from giving?

I have so much inside I want you to know,
Yet what’s the deal if you really do?
There’s nothing left for me from the inside of you,
That’s why I’m hurting because I can see it too.

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