Tuesday, 26 October 2004


A RAGING FIRE I will set ablaze to destroy something residing inside,
It’s a FIRE that I’d FIGHT to keep alive.
A FIRE that will burn till I’ve achieved my goal of DESTRUCTION
A DESTRUCTION of something so UNWORTHY of my love.

In a world made up of superficiality.
I’d rather ruin them before they ruin me.
Nothing will stand as an obstruction in my itinerary,
In attaining this ultimate desire of total extermination.

Hey! What’s the great speech about immunity and being brawny?
Just a hoax due to insecurity?
Of course no one would admit it.

It is not prejudice that caused this plight.I
t is an impaired mind – mulishly sticking to pride.
A wretched soul it shall be, withering back to the ground.
And there I will stand – laughing out loud.

Feeble-minded creature! Go live in meretricious ness!
Go lay in dismal, I couldn’t care less.
Profligate! Hurry, go waste life away!
Ostentate! Go make the way to fame!

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