Wednesday, 15 September 2004

My Darkened Skies

Stubbornness is not a sin, it’s not a crime – it’s merely a choice,
Decisions are self-made choices, which can lead to major changes…
Wisdom does not generate overnight, so are wise choices…
Who can be the judge for a wrong choice, when there’s no direct definition of what’s right and what’s not?

Sadness is a spirit of fear and uncertainty, hoping to devour the weak-hearted.
Anger is a foothold to the devil; it cannot wait to seize you when you stumble.
Pain is an emotion causing hurt, threatening an individual who is too tired.
Frustration results when all else fails to work, and the solution is just too difficult.

Weak-hearted you are, alone fending yourself from fear and unhappiness?
Walking further and further – feels like you’re stumbling into darkness, as well as anger.
Worn out and tired, the tears flow like a river of unfeeling ness – an expression of your emotions.
And all actions you’ve taken were just a short fall from achieving your desire.

Why then remain stubborn?
To prove and show a sign of independence?
Why then allow hurt to swallow your soul?
Or is that something you do not already know?

Cry, when the hurt eats into you.
Shout, when frustration attacks you.
Then, pick yourself up from the sinking mud,
And crawl your way out and face the dark.

Throw your grievances into the face of darkness and turn away.
What can it really do to you? –When you’ve came this far today…
Something that you would need on the way,
Maybe it’s just pure faith that God will make a way one day….

Everything seems like a whirlwind of failure and destruction,
But please don’t fall into the devil’s trap of deception.
Your will is the empowerment of your fate and destination,
Press on, work a solution and you will not face disappointment.

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