Tuesday, 24 August 2004

From Dusk to Dawn

When the dawn breaks, I can feel my heartache.
What can I say, when I have really got nothing in my head.

Nothing? – is it a reality that there’s nothing there?
Or is it a just a fiction of my imagination because I have chose to shun away?

What has past, is a history - something I cannot change.
Yet it has changed my life – and the paths I plan to take.

I have grown so much stronger than before, is this real?
Or is it just something I choose to believe in because my mind is frail.

The hurt that I used to face and the tears I used to shed,
The innocent heart that used to beat, for the only one I believed in.

This was the me, the me who knew how to give.
Yet, this is the me who would only choose to receive.

I convince myself that nothing is too much to hurt,
Is that because I have gotten over it, or because I choose to live and deceive.

This mask, is a shield protecting me from too much emotions.
Yet, as it is, covers my true self away from all expressions.

Now when dusk falls, I can feel my heartache.
What can I do, when I first chose to walk away.

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