Monday, 6 December 2004


If you can walk upright, when men step on your back,
If they got to somewhere high up there, while you remained.
If you can withstand stress, when work is piled up your neck,
If they have gained your credits, and you kept silent just to be sustained.

If you can keep your cool, while people around gets heated up,
Amidst confusions and loud distractions yet manage to keep your focus right.
If you can take a blatant comment, twist it around and make it sharp,
Take a critic’s word for an encouragement, and then dismiss it overnight.

If you can look further than the present, build a friend from a foe,
And not bend a loyal pact; succumb to sweet temptations for a treacherous fraud.
If you can understand how one second of joy may also turn into a lifetime of woe,
Despite a miserly wage, push on to learn the lessons taught.

If you can take reality with a pinch of superficiality,
Comprehend the need for synergy between these two parties.
If you suffer the loss of integrity, yet never fail to show dignity,
Win the hearts of many out there, despite having lost faith in their priorities.

If you can be quiet not because you have nothing to say,
If you can smile even though you feel like crying.
If you can work through the night, but still keep awake by the day,
If you can stand by truth while everyone around invests in lying.

If you can stay positive regardless of how negative situations may reach,
And look far enough, without being knocked down by some occasional hitch.
If you can lose everything you fought so hard to build from scratch.
Then pick yourself up once again, and start to sew the broken pieces back patch by patch.

If you are able to forgive the unhappiness, without forgetting the lessons of pain,
And remember that one moment of discipline can save a whole lot of pathetic sight.
Understand that modesty and humble beginnings may also reap great harvests of grains,
If you can dream of big things, and work from smallest posts to the greatest heights.


Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Morning Light

Posted by Hello

“Sound the alarms and ring the bells!”
It’s time to wake to up…now, wake with a smile…
The curtains - drawn wide open - see the rays?
With every sunset, the sun will rise again.

Forlorn nights have multiplied, far too many times,
Gone were the days of bliss and delight…
A defeated spirit has lost its fight,
Deep abrasions has debilitated its mind

Dwell no more… in the shadows of yesterday…
Where sorrows are drowned by intemperate ways…
Melancholic thoughts will never change a past fact,
What a wreck made, plunging down to desolate.

What good would it be to abide in faithlessness?
And grant admission for the spirit of fear to enter.
How pathetic to allow misery a vicinity to inhabit?
Why succumb to what’s fallen short of splendor and light?

A sane soul, drunk by emotional woes….
A simple mind, complicated by doleful whines.
An innocent heart, deceived by umpteen lies…
These shall never hurt- not now, not another time.

When the morning comes, tears – wiped dry,
Face the sun, and stand up high…
Step away from illusions’ ploy,
Bring not mirth to lucifer’s pride.

Gone they shall be, the day will come…
Finally I will overcome…

Thursday, 28 October 2004


My mind…. Oh… My mind… spinning round and round,
Stop… stop this trance….. STOP it right now!!
No…. No…. I can’t! Everything’s turning upside down….
My mind…. Oh… My mind… I’m freaking out…

My thoughts…Oh… My thoughts… why are they running wild?
Please Mel… Please…. Stop it right now!!
I can… I can… Not all has been lost yet…
My thoughts… Oh… My thoughts… They will stop their pursuit now…

The voices… Can you hear the voices calling out loud?
They babble …. Blabbing on and on….Contradiction surrounds…
Shut it! Shut it! … I can’t stand the noises anymore!!
The voices…. The voices…. Silence is what I need now…

The darkness reigns, throughout my head… Hell arises…Where are the rays?
My light… Where’s my light? It’s such a dark sky….
Obscurity encloses me in, draining me dry…
I search…. I search…. I search… but I can’t find…

I’m lost, once again… Would that be forevermore?
My fears, they are building up to ram me down…
I cry! I shout! I throw my tantrums out!
But no one hears me, no one sees me, no one… All this while…

My eyes… See… See it clear… See its sparkle disappear…
Shadows lay beneath - like a ripple forming in the calm sea…
Someone… pull me out of this misery…
Help me… Help me… Help me…Please…. I plead…

Hallucinations…. I’m still a captive of it…..

Tuesday, 26 October 2004


A RAGING FIRE I will set ablaze to destroy something residing inside,
It’s a FIRE that I’d FIGHT to keep alive.
A FIRE that will burn till I’ve achieved my goal of DESTRUCTION
A DESTRUCTION of something so UNWORTHY of my love.

In a world made up of superficiality.
I’d rather ruin them before they ruin me.
Nothing will stand as an obstruction in my itinerary,
In attaining this ultimate desire of total extermination.

Hey! What’s the great speech about immunity and being brawny?
Just a hoax due to insecurity?
Of course no one would admit it.

It is not prejudice that caused this plight.I
t is an impaired mind – mulishly sticking to pride.
A wretched soul it shall be, withering back to the ground.
And there I will stand – laughing out loud.

Feeble-minded creature! Go live in meretricious ness!
Go lay in dismal, I couldn’t care less.
Profligate! Hurry, go waste life away!
Ostentate! Go make the way to fame!

Voice of my Heart

It breaks my heart thinking of you as someone I have grown so close to
When I have confided in you, so sincerely, and so true.
I’ve allowed myself to trust in you, and of course, to believe you,
And now, I’m hurt from these, yet I cannot bring myself to tell you.

Faith should come from within, when I do not see that something, yet believe,
Yet when I say I have faith, my heart seems to doubt what I say.
What’s that strength pulling me back in my head?
Mind over matter – I could hear it say.

Right from the start I have followed my mind; it was all that really mattered,
But could I be missing out to trust my heart in love matters?
When everything I had felt for someone special gets ruined,
I can only blame myself because I ruled out possibilities - in case I suffered

Then what exactly is love considered? If I dare not face it, let alone admit.
When a situation like this occurs, it’s because I’ve been living in self-deceit.
I’m often looked upon as someone strongly independent, sometimes, even heartless,
But I wish I could break down like anyone else and tell them “I feel so helpless”.

In everyway I portray to be stronger, yet in the same way I know I am just weaker.
Cannot turn away and behave normal, because I know I am so deeply affected
My refusal to give stops what I am able to receive,
Or could it be that my receipt has blinded me from giving?

I have so much inside I want you to know,
Yet what’s the deal if you really do?
There’s nothing left for me from the inside of you,
That’s why I’m hurting because I can see it too.

Wednesday, 15 September 2004

My Darkened Skies

Stubbornness is not a sin, it’s not a crime – it’s merely a choice,
Decisions are self-made choices, which can lead to major changes…
Wisdom does not generate overnight, so are wise choices…
Who can be the judge for a wrong choice, when there’s no direct definition of what’s right and what’s not?

Sadness is a spirit of fear and uncertainty, hoping to devour the weak-hearted.
Anger is a foothold to the devil; it cannot wait to seize you when you stumble.
Pain is an emotion causing hurt, threatening an individual who is too tired.
Frustration results when all else fails to work, and the solution is just too difficult.

Weak-hearted you are, alone fending yourself from fear and unhappiness?
Walking further and further – feels like you’re stumbling into darkness, as well as anger.
Worn out and tired, the tears flow like a river of unfeeling ness – an expression of your emotions.
And all actions you’ve taken were just a short fall from achieving your desire.

Why then remain stubborn?
To prove and show a sign of independence?
Why then allow hurt to swallow your soul?
Or is that something you do not already know?

Cry, when the hurt eats into you.
Shout, when frustration attacks you.
Then, pick yourself up from the sinking mud,
And crawl your way out and face the dark.

Throw your grievances into the face of darkness and turn away.
What can it really do to you? –When you’ve came this far today…
Something that you would need on the way,
Maybe it’s just pure faith that God will make a way one day….

Everything seems like a whirlwind of failure and destruction,
But please don’t fall into the devil’s trap of deception.
Your will is the empowerment of your fate and destination,
Press on, work a solution and you will not face disappointment.

Tuesday, 24 August 2004

From Dusk to Dawn

When the dawn breaks, I can feel my heartache.
What can I say, when I have really got nothing in my head.

Nothing? – is it a reality that there’s nothing there?
Or is it a just a fiction of my imagination because I have chose to shun away?

What has past, is a history - something I cannot change.
Yet it has changed my life – and the paths I plan to take.

I have grown so much stronger than before, is this real?
Or is it just something I choose to believe in because my mind is frail.

The hurt that I used to face and the tears I used to shed,
The innocent heart that used to beat, for the only one I believed in.

This was the me, the me who knew how to give.
Yet, this is the me who would only choose to receive.

I convince myself that nothing is too much to hurt,
Is that because I have gotten over it, or because I choose to live and deceive.

This mask, is a shield protecting me from too much emotions.
Yet, as it is, covers my true self away from all expressions.

Now when dusk falls, I can feel my heartache.
What can I do, when I first chose to walk away.